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Aeroglyphes briefing cards provide clear and detailed information on cabin procedures during normal flight, as well as emergency procedures in case of cabin depressurization, cabin fire, emergency landing and safe evacuation on ground and in water. We also offer solutions for multiple cabin configurations (charter, corporate, medivac, special mission).

Our briefing cards comply with all major Regulatory Authorities (Canada, USA, EASA, etc.) by depicting detailed, yet simple instructions and using minimal text to make the card easy to understand by anyone on board.

  • Eurocopter

  • Gulfstream

  • Hawker

  • HondaJet

  • IAI

  • Piaggio

  • Pilatus

  • Rockwell

  • Saab

  • Sikorsky

  • and more

​ We support over 60 different models from:

  • Agusta

  • Airbus

  • Beechcraft

  • Bell

  • Boeing

  • Bombardier

  • Cessna

  • Cirrus

  • Dassault

  • DeHavilland

  • Embraer

​Each card includes model-specific safety procedures and aircraft-specific information such as:

  • Cabin layout and seating arrangement;

  • Seating restrictions during Taxi, Takeoff & Landing;

  • Emergency equipment location;

  • Seat belt type(s);

​Also baseline is a fully customized cover page including:

  • Aircraft make and model, with livery colors;

  • Aircraft serial number and registration;

  • Corporate branding and logo;

  • Translation;

​Our briefing cards are color-printed on heavy-stock paper and laminated for a long-lasting quality finish. We also offer printing on super-resistent synthetic paper.


They are available in various formats, including:

  • 10in x 14in (10in x 4.75in folded);

  • A4 - 8.25in x 11.5in (8.25in x 4in folded)


Custom formats also available on demand. Pricing may vary.

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